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Faucet leakage problem
(1).If the cartridge or the sealing gaskets are damaged, replace them with good ones.
(2). If there are some impurities in the cartridge, please remove the cartridge and clean it.
(3). If the filter screen is blocked, please remove it and get it clean.

White incrustation removal
The incrustation can occur at the faucet outlet, sink, water dropping position, and closestool inside wall due to the accumulation of impurities like calcium carbonate, manganese, and so on. You can use neutral detergent to remove the incrustation and then use a piece of wet cloth and a piece of dry cloth to wipe it clean, respectively. If it is too difficult to remove, you can use some decontamination cream and a sponge to try again.

Water droplets keep running out of the showerhead after the faucet has been turned off.
In practice, after turning off the faucet, the remaining water in the showerhead will keep draining. However, if the water keeps dropping for a too much long time, please remove the hose and check if the valve is leaking. If it is, you can just contact our after-sale service team.

The water flow from the showerhead is too small.
Remove the showerhead, and then check the water flow directly from the hose. If the flow is also very small, you can almost be sure that it is because the water supply pressure is too weak. However if the water flow is normal, you can remove the water saving gasket. In addition, if the water flow gets smaller and smaller during the usage, you can use a pin to remove the incrustation in the showerhead outlets, or you can soak the showerhead in a 5% white vinegar solution for no more than 20 minutes, thus the incrustation will get loose. Then rinse the showerhead with clean water.

The water flow from the showerhead is getting smaller.
Remove the water mixer and clean the impurities on the filter screen. Then reassemble the faucet, and the faucet should be normal again. We suggest you to clean the mixer regularly. However if the water flow is still too small, you can check the pipe and the angel valve to see if they are jammed. Besides a low water supply pressure could cause the small water flow as well.