1. Water Powered LED FaucetThe water powered LED faucet adopts the hydroelectric technique, so that no batteries and wires are needed. The voltage of the power is low enough for human safety. A single color light in the water powered LED spigot will be triggered instantly when the water comes out.
    1. Battery Powered LED FaucetOur 100% quality LED lighted faucet is made from low-lead copper. The surface has been electroplated with copper, nickel, and chrome using advanced techniques. The plating layer attaches to the product well, and the color is quite even.
  • Basin Faucet

    We can also treat the surface with many other techniques including the galvanization, nickel satin finishing, antique bronze imitation, gilding, porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM), and baking varnish.

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  • Kitchen Faucet

    Kitchen faucet is a necessary device for the cooking. Our faucet is good looking, durable, anticorrosive, water saving and comes in many styles like modern style and classic style.

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  • Bathtub Faucet

    The ceramic cartridge has been adopted. As an excellent sanitary fitting, it has a three-layer filtration device, which can effectively reduce the impurities and water flow noise. So you are able to enjoy a comfortable water flow.

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    1. Water Powered Automatic FaucetThe water powered automatic faucet, as a power saving, durable and water saving product, will get more and more popular on the market, and bring you a new kind of using experience.
    1. Automatic Mixer TapWe have unique technology advantages. Our automatic mixer tap is made of brass. The surface of the automatic mixing faucet has been plated with chrome, so it can keep shiny for a long time. The streamline shape can produce a great sense of modernization, making your life more stylish. The bistable solenoid valve is highly reliable and firm.
    1. Automatic Cold Water TapThe Bela automatic cold water tap has a super-miniature circuit and a microcomputer controller. So it is quite intelligent and power saving. The water comes out automatically when your hands are sensed, and it stops when your hands leave, thus any kind of cross infection can be avoided. The cold water faucet comes in two types, DC power type (regular 5# alkaline battery) and AV power type (220V).
  • Thermostatic Shower MixerA highly sensitive sensor is adopted for the water temperature controlling. Once the temperature is set, the water will shortly come out at a proper temperature. The temperature error is less than 1℃. If you need to pause the water flow, just switch off the flow valve.
  • Bathroom MirrorOur bathroom mirror is made of 100% copper or stainless steel. The surface is plated with chrome, so it is smooth and shiny. The mirror comes in different sizes such as 6", 8", 8.5", and 10". The shape could be square, round, oval, or some other types.
    1. Rainfall Shower HeadThe main structure could be made of low-lead copper, stainless steel, or ABS. After the surface is finely grinded and polished, its glossiness is twice higher than that of normal plating. The filter screen and silicone nozzle at the water incoming port make the incrustation removal more convenient.
    1. Rainfall Shower SetOur rainfall shower set is concise, beautiful, and elegant. It is just a combination of art and life. Our shower equipment has been processed by high precision CNC machine and more than 20 steps of artificial grinding and polishing. Then it will be tested by dozens of tests.
    1. Pop-up DrainThe Bela drain comes in different types, including pop-up drain and flip-over drain. These types of water pipe fittings could come with or without overflow hole. Bela drain, as a kind of sanitary appliance, can be used for different kinds of basin and pool.
    1. Floor DrainOur product comes with reasonable structure, super draining ability, great anti-blocking property, odor resistance, and so on. In addition to the traditional drainage product, our products can also come with stylish designs and various beautiful patterns, making your bathroom more elegant.
    1. Hand DryerThe Bela hand dryer comes with stainless steel or ABS material, so you can choose the right type according to your needs. It is equipped with a high speed motor, whose working noise is quite limited. The product is quite thin, saving you a lot of space.
    1. Soap DispenserThe product is available in many colors and volumes. ABS material is used for the production, thus the anticorrosive and anti-shock performance is very great. You can hardly hear anything from the soap dispenser when it is working. The quantity of the soap solution that comes out each time keeps the same.
    1. Shower ValveThe main structure of the Bela shower valve is forged by refined brass. So it is antirust and has long service life. The leakage risk originated from the traditional sand casting technique is also avoided. The material is up to related lead free standards.
    1. Bathroom Accessories We provide clothes hook, towel bar/ring/rack, single cup holder, double cup holder, soap tray, soap basket, dressing table clip, toilet brush, toilet paper racket, bath tower holder, double-deck rack, and so on. They come with different styles (such as European style and simple style), different colors, different materials, and various surface treating techniques.