1. Rainfall Shower HeadThe main structure could be made of low-lead copper, stainless steel, or ABS. After the surface is finely grinded and polished, its glossiness is twice higher than that of normal plating. The filter screen and silicone nozzle at the water incoming port make the incrustation removal more convenient.
    1. Rainfall Shower SetOur rainfall shower set is concise, beautiful, and elegant. It is just a combination of art and life. Our shower equipment has been processed by high precision CNC machine and more than 20 steps of artificial grinding and polishing. Then it will be tested by dozens of tests.

Rainfall Shower

Bela can provide you with rainfall shower product in various types, including modern type, traditional type and so on. The functions of the shower equipment are also well designed for your different requirements.

In order to guarantee the desirable quality of the shower equipment, we have introduced spectrometer from Germany, and film thickness measuring instrument from Japan, so that we can test the raw material, component and accessory. Every production step has been strictly inspected according to the ASME standards and related Chinese national standards. Before the finish, each product will be tested for the water flow performance, so you are sure to get a 100% quality rainfall shower product.

In the modern society, people are always busying with the work. After getting back home, we tend to be in low spirit. How can we get rid of the bad mood and get high, maybe an awesome shower is an excellent choice. So let Bela rainfall shower head contribute to your comfortable shower experience.

1. Quality valve cartridge is purchased from a famous Taiwan company. It can be used for more than 500,000 times without leakage.
2. The product is made of great brass, and formed with advanced gravity casting technique. Precision machines are used for the processing.
3. A six-layer filter screen has been used for the water spraying nozzle. The water contains about 30% air, thus it become very gentle and won't splash around. The water saving performance is also quite desirable.
4. The surface has been plated with 3 layers of metal. The plating layer is smooth, shiny, even and highly adhesive.
5. The antirust performance, shock resistance, and thermal resistance are super great. After 60h slat mist test, the results show that our showerhead has completely reached the advanced level.
6. With our novel design, the rainfall shower product can spay the water in massage mode, granule mode, spinning mode, and so on. Thus your body will be totally relaxed.