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Thermostatic Shower Mixer

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Our thermostatic shower mixer is made of 100% copper. Its surface has been plated with multi-layer chrome. The quality of the thermostatic valve cartridge is very desirable. A highly sensitive sensor is adopted for the water temperature controlling. Once the temperature is set, the water will shortly come out at a proper temperature. The temperature error is less than 1℃. If you need to pause the water flow, just switch off the flow valve. Thus the cold water and hot water won't flow backward, and the temperature of the water coming out again will stay just the same as before.

A retaining valve is used at the connecting ports for both hot water and cold water. If any kind of water supply stops, the thermostatic shower mixer will stop the other kind instantly, so you won’t be burned or freezed. The initial safe temperature is set at 38℃. If hotter water is needed, just press down the red protective button and move it to the higher temperature scale. Due to the complicated structure of the constant temperature tap, we add a gasket with filter screen to the water incoming port. Thus the cleaning is much easier, while the thermostatic water valve cartridge can also serve longer.

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