1. Water Powered Automatic FaucetThe water powered automatic faucet, as a power saving, durable and water saving product, will get more and more popular on the market, and bring you a new kind of using experience.
    1. Automatic Mixer TapWe have unique technology advantages. Our automatic mixer tap is made of brass. The surface of the automatic mixing faucet has been plated with chrome, so it can keep shiny for a long time. The streamline shape can produce a great sense of modernization, making your life more stylish. The bistable solenoid valve is highly reliable and firm.
    1. Automatic Cold Water TapThe Bela automatic cold water tap has a super-miniature circuit and a microcomputer controller. So it is quite intelligent and power saving. The water comes out automatically when your hands are sensed, and it stops when your hands leave, thus any kind of cross infection can be avoided. The cold water faucet comes in two types, DC power type (regular 5# alkaline battery) and AV power type (220V).

Automatic Faucet

With the development of science and technology, the plumbing device has become more and more intelligent. The Bela automatic faucet has combined the stylish appearance, advanced sensing function, different colors and novel design. The water valve is controlled by a microcomputer, so the tap is power saving, intelligent, convenient, and hygienic.

Our automatic faucet is suitable for school, hotel, restaurant, canteen, airport, and many other public places, as well as home. The power could be AC 220V, or four AA batteries.