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Automatic Cold Water Tap

Automatic Cold Water Tap 1

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  • QH0108B

Automatic Cold Water Tap 2

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Automatic Cold Water Tap 3

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Automatic Cold Water Tap 4

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Automatic Cold Water Tap 5

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  • QH0150
  • QH0151
  • QH0153
  • QH0155
  • QH0157
  • QH0159
  • QH0162

The Bela automatic cold water tap has a super-miniature circuit and a microcomputer controller. So it is quite intelligent and power saving. The water comes out automatically when your hands are sensed, and it stops when your hands leave, thus any kind of cross infection can be avoided. The cold water faucet comes in two types, DC power type (regular 5# alkaline battery) and AV power type (220V). Both of the two types of power adapter can be integrated into one product.

The water flow lasts for 1 min at most each time. One minute later, if your hands are still there, the water will come out in a second. Thus the long time water running can be avoided. Besides, there is a filter screen in the sensor faucet, protecting the valve from being blocked. The filter screen can be easily removed and cleaned.

This product can been widely used in hotel, restaurant, canteen, airport, high end apartment, and so on. Due to the excellent water saving performance, the automatic cold water tap has been increasingly adopted to deal with the serious water resource reduction.

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