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Automatic Mixer Tap

Automatic Mixer Tap 1

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Automatic Mixer Tap 2

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  • QH0135A
  • QH0135BA
  • QH0138A
  • QH0140

Bela is a famous water tap supplier in China. We have unique technology advantages. Our automatic mixer tap is made of brass. The surface of the automatic mixing faucet has been plated with chrome, so it can keep shiny for a long time. The streamline shape can produce a great sense of modernization, making your life more stylish. The bistable solenoid valve is highly reliable and firm. The double sensing light beam design makes the sensing speed faster, and reduces the chance of misoperation greatly. The safe shutdown function can avoid accident water flow.

The automatic mixer tap will be shifted to power saving mode if it has not been activated for a long time. The automatic faucet can work on AC power or batteries. The hot water and cold water can be well mixed without the installation of water mixing valve, which is needed for the split type sensor faucet. The water temperature can be simply adjusted by the heat control valve. Its size is small but the performance is so desirable. Besides all the installation procedure is quite simple.

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