1. Water Powered LED FaucetThe water powered LED faucet adopts the hydroelectric technique, so that no batteries and wires are needed. The voltage of the power is low enough for human safety. A single color light in the water powered LED spigot will be triggered instantly when the water comes out.
    1. Battery Powered LED FaucetOur 100% quality LED lighted faucet is made from low-lead copper. The surface has been electroplated with copper, nickel, and chrome using advanced techniques. The plating layer attaches to the product well, and the color is quite even.

LED Faucet

The LED faucet is a very popular sanitary ware all over the world. We have advanced technology and professional production experience. Our products have got the CE certificate and ROHS certificate. The products come with different colors. The water coming out from the LED light tap can be in different colors rather than a single color. The marvelous fusion of water and colors can present stunning vision, making the hand washing so much fun.

1. LED light color: The color varies according to the water temperature:
≤31℃: blue light
32℃-43℃: green light
44℃-50℃: red light
≥51℃: flashing red light

2. Age group: The 3 color LED faucet is suitable for all age groups, especially for kids and old people. The users won't be burned by the too much hot water because of the lighting device.

3. Environmentally friendly property

4. The LED light faucet could come with single color mode, water temperature oriented lighting mode, and automatic color changing mode.

5. Nominal pressure: 0.1-0.6MPA

6. Simple installation and maintenance process

7. The LED light gets on when there is a water flow through the faucet.

8. The moderate water flow gives you comfortable feelings.