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Battery Powered LED Faucet

Battery Powered LED Faucet 1

  • QH0801F
  • QH0801HF
  • QH0802F
  • QH0803F
  • QH0804-1F
  • QH0804-2F
  • QH0804-3F
  • QH0815-1F

Battery Powered LED Faucet 2

  • QH0815F
  • QH0815HF
  • QH0816F
  • QH0816HF
  • QH0818-1F
  • QH0818F
  • QH0819F
  • QH0819HF
  • QH0820F
  • QH0820HF

The battery powered LED faucet is powered by four 1.5V AA batteries. It is quite safe to use. The light only turns on when there is a water flow, so the batteries can last for a long time. The 3-color water glow LED faucet can give you so much fun when you are using the water tap. Besides, according to the water temperature, the light could be green (0-32℃), blue (33-41℃) or red (33-41℃). If the water temperature is higher than 45℃, the red light will start to flash, reminding you that the water is too hot.

Our 100% quality LED lighted faucet is made from low-lead copper. The surface has been electroplated with copper, nickel, and chrome using advanced techniques. The plating layer attaches to the product well, and the color is quite even. The corrosion resistance is so great that the surface can be very shiny after a long time. The result of the 72 hour salt mist test shows that our battery powered LED faucet is very durable. The LED light tap has got the CE certificate and ROHS certificate.

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