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Water Powered LED Faucet

Water Powered LED Faucet 1

  • QH152F
  • QH0615F
  • QH0616F
  • QH0618F
  • QH0736F
  • QH0737F
  • QH0751F
  • QH0752F

Water Powered LED Faucet 2

  • QH0753F
  • QH0754F
  • QH0755-1F
  • QH0755F
  • QH0756F
  • QH0757F
  • QH0760F
  • QH0781-1F

Water Powered LED Faucet 3

  • QH0781F
  • QH0822FP
  • QH0822HFP
  • QH1711F
  • QH1737F
  • QH1892F
  • QH1893F
  • QH1894F

The water powered LED faucet adopts the hydroelectric technique, so that no batteries and wires are needed. The voltage of the power is low enough for human safety. A single color light in the water powered LED spigot will be triggered instantly when the water comes out.

The water powered LED faucet is a kind of water glow LED faucet, which is designed to be environmentally friendly and energy saving. The LED tap is good looking and the light color varies according to the water temperature. The temperature sensitive LED tap shows a green light when the temperature is below 30℃, and it turns blue when the temperature is between 31-40℃. The color will be red when the temperature rises to 41-50℃. However if water gets even hotter, the red light will begin to flash.

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